a Home Yoga retreat experience

Fall Into Awareness

with Adriane, Ashley, Kristen, and Zoe


September 18-20, 2020

Idyllwild CA

 As we move into the season of fall, we acknowledge the opportunity to process where we've been, surrender to the current flow, and nourish our nervous systems.

You. Are. Not. Alone. 

We're harnessing the power of the new moon to set intentions, while working with the energy of the fall equinox to cut away layers of conditioning and bring ourselves back to our innate wisdom.

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Adriane, Ashley, Kristen, & Zoe first came together to lead the Home yoga teacher training retreat in the
fall of 2019.
We quickly found that when we combine our strengths and unique gifts, we provide a dynamic experience full of fun, experiential learning, and connection. We knew the idea to collaborate again had to come to life- quickly!

what to expect:


morning asana practices.


learn essential oil remedies for emotions and make your own oil blend.


dive into seasonal living and honoring cycles through daily routines and practices.


tap into your own innate wisdom through a series of curated journal prompts. 


fresh air and gorgeous views on a hike through the Idyllwild mountains

meet your facilitators:

Adriane is an E-RYT 500-hour, Reiki Master, and student for life. She is the owner and director of Home Yoga Studio in Temecula, CA. Adriane takes every opportunity to study anatomy, mythology, and Tantrik philosophy to better understand how the practice of Yoga relates to the human mind, body, and essence nature. She incorporates a comprehensive approach to yogic philosophy, and the Asanas (physical postures). One of Adriane’s great loves is storytelling, she will add yoga mythology or practical stories, and philosophies to her classes to help students understand different aspects and origins of the practice to help move past the conditioned state of being and tap into the deepest parts of self.


Ashley grew up surrounded by the culture of yoga. The idea and experience of yoga has always intrigued and moved her. Doing this work at such a young age ingrained in her a deep-rooted understanding of the necessity and importance of duality. It takes both strength and fluidity to practice anything in an aligned way.

She began practicing yoga on a regular basis in 1999 and immediately felt a strong connection to it. In 2009, she did her 200 hour certification and continues to actively engage life as practice of yoga. Ashley is known for having a gentle heart. She is easy to be around and her intention is to offer a practice where people feel supported, calm and safe.

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Happy Friday anddd full moon weekend my

Kristen is a transformation facilitator, doula, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. Her experience in serving others began with a college major in early intervention and childhood education. Kristen worked with children in preschool settings and special education classrooms as a teenager and young adult, which helped her develop her natural teaching skills at a young age. Through a series of synchronistic events, she was eventually led to a path of spirituality, body awareness, intuitive healing, business coaching, yoga, doula work, and more. She is a 200 RYT instructor,  has led over 15 retreats across the US (and one in Tahiti!), served hundreds of women from all over the world, and created the pathway to her vision of massive world healing through community, compassion, and ancient healing modalities.


Zoe fell in love with yoga first through the Ashtanga practice in 2014. She explored the strict movement and breath and found discipline in the practice. When she moved to Temecula she fell in love with the spiritual aspect that yoga had to offer her. Her practice took her beyond the mat to find deep healing through an array of meditation styles, connecting body, mind and soul with breath, and surrounding herself with a supportive yoga community.  During this time in her life, she realized the power of yoga and a strong support system and decided that with the experience she had gained through her own healing, that she would go on to learn everything she could to help others find healing as well. Zoe is RYT-200 certified and is constantly seeking ways to expand her own knowledge of physical, mental and spiritual health in order to offer all encompassing experiences.


r e s e r v e

your spot

P R I C I N G:
-retreat begins on friday 9/18 at 2 pm, and concludes on sunday 9/20 at noon.
-transportation to and from the retreat location is not provided.
- there are five out of eight spots available.
- reservations are for one bed (not shared).
-we provide nutritious and seasonal vegetarian meals. please inform us of your dietary restrictions and we are happy to work with you!
you are welcome to bring extra snacks if you desire.
-payment plans available. contact us directly with questions!