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Module Eight

Moon Cycles

Welcome to the final module of The Archetype Awakening. It has been an expansive eight weeks on this beautiful journey of self discovery!
With an understanding of the four feminine archetypes within all of us, we can begin to practically apply this knowledge to our daily lives. We have learned how to use each of these archetypes to communicate in different ways based on who we are talking to and what our message is. We have learned how the archetypes live within the body, and we can access them through our chakra energy centers. And now we will learn how we can relate this knowledge to the Universal timing of the Moon cycle, which is the ultimate symbol of femininity.


Click on the image below for your meditation.

The Moon Cycles

The moon and it's cycles directly affect the ocean's tide because of the gravitational pull. If the human body is made up of mostly water (which it is), then we must also be directly affected by the moon's cycles! So it only makes sense for us to live our lives accordingly. By understanding how the moon affects us, we can much more effectively exist on this planet. Furthermore, the moon is commonly known as a feminine symbol because of the similarity in cycles. The female body cycles in a very similar way to the moon. Some women even have their menstrual cycles in alignment with the full or new moon!
Let's dive a little deeper into this concept and how it relates to the archetypes!

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I can't believe our time together studying the divine feminine archetypes is coming to an end. 
I hope you have discovered new parts of your soul that you didn't know existed. My intention is that the knowledge you have gained here will be one of the many ways you connect with yourself on your journey of self love. I hope you can love fiercely like the mother, create freely like the goddess, find beauty in all like the enchantress, and take control of your life like the warrior! You are a force of beaming light, now go create miracles!
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