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Module Seven

Chakra Connections

Now that you have gotten to know each of your archetypes and how you best communicate with them, let's dive into how they are related to the body!

If you aren't familiar with the chakras, no worries! I will do a brief overview of each of them and what they do! Each chakra is an energy center that is located down the midline of the body. They work like filters to stabilize the energy flowing through you. Sometimes, these filters are under or overactive. I'm going to tell you how you can use your archetypes to help rebalance the chakras!


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The Seven Main Chakra Centers

How the Chakras Relate to the Archetypes

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Continued Education on Chakras

Do your own reading on the chakras! This book is a great resource to get really familiar with the chakra system!
Dive deep into your own chakra system on a 1:1 seven week journey with me! We will create a customized plan to bring your chakras into alignment for a more balanced life!
Tune into your body let this week! Let her lead the way as you use the archetypes to clear the chakra centers!
Continue to journal and document your journey!
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