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Module Six

Communicate With Intention

By understanding each archetype and how often you live in each role, we can gain insight on our communication patterns.
Start getting curious. How can I embody the archetypes in my daily life and relationships to promote healthy and productive communication?

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Can you think of any situations in your life where you could embody a different archetype to enhance the communication? Need guidance? Post in the group or message me... Let's work through it together!

Communication Strengths


The mother communicates with an intention to leave a legacy and create an impact. She sees the value in her people, She is humble and wise, and her words are emotionally impactful. Sometimes,  she is so powerful she can communicate just by being present.


The goddess lives for human connection. She sees potential in most, and she has a strong intuitive ability to direct her audience to focus on the positive. She lifts people up with her authentic ability to care. Many love her because she is relatable. She is the perfect archetype to use when creating new connections.


The warrior archetype is perfect for lighting a fire under someone. She is fierce, and she helps people make decisions and take action. She is the perfect energy for creating urgency. Tough love is a common term for the warrior energy in communication.


The Enchantress uses her gifts to help people break down barriers. She inspires others with her speaking. She has a message to share with the world that is from a Higher source. She helps others use their imagination through story telling and dreaming big. She is the perfect person to assist in healing and other energetically intense processes.

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How using archetypes to communicate has helped me...

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Continued Education on Communication

"Change Your Life with the Power of the Language You Use"

This book by my friend and mentor, Niurka, has been the number one tool I have used to improve my communication skills. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in practical ways to communicate more effectively.

"In this inspiring journey of discovery, Niurka shows us how shifting what we say and how we say it can forever alter the way we experience life and all its bounty.

With practical and simple tools and techniques, this book guides us to expand our awareness, consciously direct our focus, and choose empowering thoughts and words, which ultimately will lead us all to a greater appreciation of life no matter what's happening around us.

As we actively participate in uplifting our imaginings and conversations, we elevate our entire experience of reality."

Make some magic with your words this week, mermaid! It feels so good to speak your authentic truth in a clear manner.
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