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Module Five

Let's dive deeper into the enchantress archetype!

Here is a recap of what we know:

The Enchantress is connection to your infinite youth. She is innocent, and finds beauty in almost all situations. She is very in tune with her Highest self. People tend to see her as a free spirit or a gypsy. Happiness is her number one priority, even if it goes against what is considered normal. Her intuition is sharp, and she is deeply connected to those around her. People tend to gather around her for good vibes and a safe space.

Words to describe the enchantress:

mystical, connected, zen, magical, empath, friend, serving, manifester


Click here for the module five meditation!

Get Curious:

Just from the brief description above, think of a few times in the last few months that you have taken on your enchantress archetype. Try to think of specific events or moments that you really felt enlightened, inspired, connected etc.

If you are open to sharing, please open up in the Facebook group. Videos or text are welcomed!

Keeping your journal private is totally okay too!

Elements and Sun Signs

The four elements are the basic principles for life. 

"Tradition sees the entire universe as consisting of the elements fire, air, water, and earth.  When we apply this system to the personalities, the elements represent certain basic traits and give a certain temperament." (

Each element is related to three of the zodiac signs. This just means that all of the zodiac signs that relate to the same element are similar in some ways. The beauty in this is that all of the elements depend on each other to live on.  So it is a symbol of unity within the uniqueness.

Enchantress : Air

Popular Enchantress Roles

Phoebe- Friends

The Little Mermaid

Ixchel- Mayan Moon Goddess

Get Curious: Can you think of any role models in pop culture, movies, etc that you have been drawn to that embody the enchantress archetype? Maybe someone that you admired and thought of as a role model. Do you relate to any of these characters? Who do you look up to?

How to Channel the Enchantress

If you are wanting to tap into your enchantress archetype and embody that essence of you more, there are things we can do to get ourselves in the right mindset. The enchantress archetype loves to 

  • head to a women's circle- spiritual/religious/etc

  • go on a picnic or have a tea party- get playful

  • spend time in nature

  • take a self care day- massage, facial, spa

  • listen to your intuition

  • go to your happy place!


I am the enchantress.

I am composed of pure magic.

I bring peace to those around me.

I find comfort knowing I am connected with the world around me.

Through my healing, others are healed.

Allow your enchantress archetype to lead the way this week.

By taking one week at a time to focus on each archetype, we will understand what it feels like to deal with multiple daily life occurrences from different viewpoints.

I hope you enjoy this joyful, healing, intuitive point of view!​



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