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Module One: Meet the Archetypes

Welcome to week one of The Archetype Awakening. You are here to discover every unique essence of you. Congratulations on committing to deepening your relationship with self. 

This first week is all about getting familiar with the four feminine archetypes that we will explore with in this course. I will tell you all about these powerful versions of divine femininity that are living within you. As we are connecting with these essences of you, remember to greet this information without judgement. We are here to explore and get to know ourselves. There is no perfect formula or amount of embodying every essence that will make you "better." You are already perfect, just the way you are!

What is an archetype?

When I was considering how I wanted to explain what I meant by archetype, I realized I wanted you to have your own unique definition. The whole point of this course is for you to have a deeper understanding of YOU, and I am not here to tell you what that looks like. So here are a few different definitions I found to describe archetypes. You choose what resonates with you. Or even write your own unique thoughts about what an archetype is...

Archetype- a symbol that represents the collective experience of humanity and is present in the unconscious of the individual (

Archetype is a shared concept from the unconscious mind of all. These archetypes show up in our dreams and our made up characters. (

"Archetypes are the essence of human patterns of personality that go beyond race, time, age, gender, or culture. They teach us of the elemental patterns of humanity and to help us to understand ourselves." (

For this course, the archetypes are the four essences of the divine feminine. They are each within all of us. The archetypes can be used with intention to go through life with ease and grace and to promote a deeper connection and understanding of all.

The Enchantress

The Enchantress is connection to your infinite youth. She is innocent, and finds beauty in almost all situations. She is very in tune with her Highest self. People tend to see her as a free spirit or a gypsy. Happiness is her number one priority, even if it goes against what is considered normal. Her intuition is sharp, and she is deeply connected to those around her. People tend to gather around her for good vibes and a safe space.

Words to describe the enchantress:

mystical, connected, zen, magical, empath, friend, serving, manifester

The Mother

The Mother is the natural instinct to care for and nurture all living things. She is the innate desire to love and put others first. She embodies compassion, kindness, and softness. People see her as a leader and a respected authority. In times of crisis or transition, people look to her for comfort. She is vital for families to function and communities to support one another. The mother is the 'glue' that keeps people together.

Words to describe the mother:

comforting, compassionate, loyal, leader, loving, regal, composed, peacemaker

The Goddess

The Goddess is the untamed wild woman in you. She is sensual, care-free, and very in tune with her body. She represents the primal urge to connect and create life. Others see her as confident and bold. Those that understand her know that she is constantly evolving and closing the gaps with her ability to communicate and express herself. She craves deep connection in all her relationships, and serves as your constant reminder to be authentic.

Words to describe the goddess:

divine, irresistible, instinctual, free, sensual, blissful, bold, graceful

The Warrior

The Warrior is the defender. She is always one step ahead.  She is skilled, organized, and prepared. She plays the role of the protector and the planner. She represents the less social side, and shows the serious instinctual desire to connect with a purpose in life. She is the similarities between masculine and feminine. Others see her as a fighter or a hero. No task is too big for the warrior within you. She will not stop until she succeeds.

Words to describe the warrior:

strong, brave, passionate, smart, protective, independent, fierce, courageous

So Who Are You?

Get Curious

Let's talk about YOU!

I know you felt some similarities and connections with at least one or two of these archetypes as you read through the brief descriptions. Now I want to hear about it!

Please take some time now to reflect. Don't worry if you aren't quite sure- just go off of the short descriptions we've seen so far. On your first glances... answer these questions.

~ What characteristics did you relate to?

~ Were you drawn to any of the pictures specifically?

~ Which archetypes do you feel the most connected to?

Share any other thoughts or observations that came up for you!

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