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Sacral Sessions

One on one support for women.

As a student midwife, doula, women's yoga teacher and founder of Mermaid Movement- my passion lies "with woman."

My intention with these sessions is to curate a space for support and growth that is individualized to each woman's needs.

Sessions can take place at my in-home office or via Zoom. Scroll down to learn about the different types of sessions offered and what they might look like.

"With Woman" Sessions

$80 for 1 session, $150 for 2 sessions

With Woman sessions involve a 'whole-woman' approach to well being.  We look at internal and external factors that affect your mind, mood, body, creative flow, and more.

This is great for women working towards a 'rebirth' or rite of passage.

Some things we can cover:

-working with your hormonal cycle

-nutrition and nourishment

-spiritual and emotional womb wellness

-sexual well being 

-communication and creative expression

-relationship & community building


Prenatal Sessions

$65 for 1 session, $120 for 2 sessions

At a prenatal session, you can get all of your birth related questions answered! Need a trusted friend to talk with who has witnessed a lot births and has some good resources? This is the session for you!

Some things we can cover:

-emotional well being in pregnancy

-choosing a care provider, birth team and location

-nutrition in pregnancy & postpartum

-newborn care procedures

-birth fears

-possible interventions & informed consent for all options

-the benefits of physiologic birth

-navigating postpartum as a family

-boundaries and birth prep

-postpartum care and support

-placenta encapsulation


Postpartum Sessions

$75 per session (in your home- near temecula)

Have the comfort of postpartum pampering and traditions brought to you.

The service includes warming body work, herbal infusions and an optional floral bath with photos. (Price includes supplies & travel expenses).

Some things we can cover:

-integration of the new family member

-relationship dynamic changes

-asking for help from your community

-setting boundaries & communication

-sleep patterns and finding a rhythm

-nourishment and nutrition


-tips for complaints/discomforts 

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Private Yoga Sessions

$60 for 1 session; $180 for 4 sessions

Grow your yoga practice with personalized 1:1 yoga sessions. We will focus on building a foundation based on body awareness and individualize the practice to you.

My asana flows usually include a mixture of Vinyasa and Iyengar style yoga, with breath work and restorative poses incorporated through the flow. 

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