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What is Sacral Summer Sessions?

This seven week 1:1 program is designed to support women on a journey of discovery and exploration of the sacral energy that lives within. Our integrative and intuitive approach will allow the process to be curated to each individual.

Who is the program for?

Sacral Summer Sessions is for womb healing. I work with women who are healing from infertility, miscarriages, ancestral trauma, sexual abuse, low libido, birth trauma, shame... Our womb is our creative center, so consciously putting energy into the healing and growth of this space has a lot of positive effects on our lives as a whole.

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The Outline

Days 1-14 {sacral health}

Day One: a 90 minute session to dive into your Sacral health- as a whole. 

Days 2-14: Adjustment Period

-clarity on intentions

-focus on overall physical, emotional & spiritual wellness 

-implement daily rituals & routines for sacral health

-letting go of that which doesn't serve you (fall energy)*

Days 15-28 {sacral Scars}

Day 15(ish): a 90 minute Zoom session to dive into wounds that are affecting your sacral energy. 

Days 16-28: Shadow Period

-bringing light to that which is in the dark (winter energy)*

-self guided releasing rituals and ceremony

-rewriting your narrative

Days 29-42 {sacral Expression}

Day 29(ish): a 90 minute Zoom session to dive into your sacral creativity and communication 

Days 30-42: Integration Period

-tapping into creative visions and ideas (spring energy)*

-looking at communication in your relationships

-practicing authentic expression in all areas of life

Days 43-49 

Days 43-49: a final 90 minute Zoom session to wrap up your experience

-Q & A time

-receive a personalized gift from mama mermaid 

-sustaining the practice

-celebrating your growth! (summer energy)*

* seasons are cyclical. feminine energy is cyclical. creative energy is cyclical. therefore, our healing is cyclical and can take on the energy of certain seasons. 


About your facilitator

Kristen Rud (mama mermaid)

Kristen Rud is a transformation facilitator, doula, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. Her experience in serving others began with a college major in early intervention and childhood education. Kristen worked with children in preschool settings and special education classrooms as a teenager and young adult, which helped her develop her natural teaching skills at a young age. Through a series of synchronistic events, she was eventually led to a path of spirituality through Christ Consciousness and the work of Mother Mary & Magdalene. Her work encompasses a large variety of modalities such as intuitive healing & body awareness, womb wellness, yoga, doula & birth work, and more. She has led 20+ retreats across the US (and one in Tahiti!), served hundreds of women from all over the world, and created the pathway to her vision of massive world healing through community, compassion, and ancient healing modalities.

Kristen is a 200 hour CYT yoga teacher with thousands of hours of teaching experience. She has taken multiple trainings and courses to enhance her studies and work throughout her career.


-Doula Trainings: Birth Arts International, Herbal Birthkeeping

-Full Spectrum Doula Training & Childbirth Education: Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings

-200 hour RYT & Reiki training I and II: Cloud Nine Yoga schools 

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Total Investment

What's Included

-Four 90 minute 1:1 Zoom sessions 

-Personalized ideas for self practices and exploration

-Additional digital support during the program 

-A personalized gift at the end of our work together

Contact Me

Please feel free to reach out if you have more questions about the program, or apply directly by clicking the 'Apply Now' button above.

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