Mermaid Movement Philosophy

a four week foundational study with Mama Mermaid


I am Kristen (aka Mama Mermaid), founder of the Mermaid Movement. We have been sharing support, knowledge, and hope with the community for the last four years.

This philosophy course is a compilation of the information that I consider to be the foundation of my work. 

My intention over our four weeks together is to create a safe and interactive space for you to learn and integrate some of the medicine that already exists within you!

We will have the opportunity to meet LIVE in an online platform as I share the content so you can ask questions and interact.  Every call will also be recorded so you can refer back, re-listen, or catch a replay if you can't make it live.

The Breakdown

Every week we will add on to the information you received the week before. It will all connect to elevate your overall level of awareness!

WEEK ONE: Seasons and Cycles

This is the first thing I teach for a reason! It is sooo important! Learn about how we can create so much more flow in your daily life by living in sync with the cycles of the seasons and the moon!

WEEK TWO: Body Awareness

Once you're in tune with the earth's rhythm, you can bring that awareness into the body! Get a basic overview of Ayurvedic medicine and how it works within the body. You'll learn where you can put your focus and create space for healing and transformation by being aware of this science.

WEEK THREE: Nature's Medicine

I jokingly call this section "oils, crystals, and herbs- oh my!"

All the fun healing modalities- but how do we use them?! This week is all about some of the more commonly used tools  that can help you feel fully supported. It's fun and useful information. :) 

WEEK FOUR: Magic Mindset

This is where all the magic happens. We've tuned in to Mother earth and our bodies, we have some basic knowledge... and with some discipline in routine and within the mind, you'll fall into the flow! I will teach you some of my favorite ways to fit your mindset practice into daily life.


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