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MM Lifestyle Membership:
Individualized Care Plans

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Working with women allows us to reach the entire family unit, the entire community. Our 'woman-at-the-center' approach allows our mission to ripple throughout households and lineages.

Individual Care Plans


Two Sessions a Month

Maintain balance with an ICP (individualized care plan) that includes two monthly sessions with Kristen (in person or via Zoom)


Master the Mundane

Create consistency in your daily lifestyle habits to master the mundane.

IE- nourishment, movement, herbal crafting, spiritual/emotional support and education



ICPs may include Energy and Body work within our sessions. I

E- reiki, acupressure, mobility stretching, massage, yoga, Ayurvedic care, herbal and oil crafting


Resources & Support

Gain access to a growing member resource board and community network with extra support and education provided.


Women's Wellness

Gain general Wellness Support through research & exploration together.

IE- hormone support, fertility counseling, menarche/menstrual/menopausal support, nutritional guidance, herbal crafting, family planning


Community Cultivation

For visionary women, our work can include incorporating goals and intentions into ICPs.

  IE- leadership guidance, communications, branding, marketing, goal setting

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