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a sacred invocation of your Highest self

Answer Your Calling

The Divine Dive is a calling for women around the world that are craving the NEXT level of community, awareness, and healing.


Commit To The Growth

The Divine Dive is a twelve month program for the women who are called to commit to their growth. 


This work is the next step for fully integrating your spiritual practices and intentional living into your lifestyle.

Our work together will  be multidimensional.


There will be one on one intuitive intensives throughout the year on Zoom.  These sessions are where we will take deep dives into your personal growth and healing. Expect to push your limits here. These sessions will be raw, unique, and transformational.

There will be community Zoom calls throughout the year to connect, support, encourage, and create together. Community is essential to healing, success, and growth.

There will be bonus content and guest teachers to keep you connected to your primal nature. We will learn more about how to connect deeper and create a larger impact on the world using our intuitive gifts, astrology, and nature's cycles.

And of course- there will be THREE inclusive retreats that will complete the experience with personal connection, healings, exploration, and more.

The Vision

(Subject to grow, flow, and change!)

Fall Equinox

September 2019: Sacred Journey Begins


September 23rd - October 22nd:

Theme- Balance

Throughout Libra season, we will focus on balancing the roles  in our lives using Archetype Awakening coursework and our intuitive abilities to create a flow when tuning into our archetypes.

We will also learn about using herbs and oils for healing and creating peace and harmony within the physical and energetic body.


October 23rd - November 22nd:

Theme- Exploration

Throughout Scorpio season, we will focus on honoring our shadows, embrace our sensuality, and get in tune with our desires.

We will learn about Samhain, the Celtic celebration of the ending of harvest and entering into winter. 

Retreat #1

November 1-3 2019 | California

This retreat will bring Scorpio season to life! Get to know your self on a new level while developing relationships with your new sisterhood. Also expect a tarot workshop to learn about how the cards can gift you with confirmations.



November 23rd - December 21st:

Theme- Expansion

Throughout Sag season, we will focus on expanding our knowledge to open up even more infinite possibilities!

One on Ones will focus on family and personal life surrounding the holidays.

Winter Solstice

December 21st: Sacred Yule Sisterhood Call 



December 22nd - January 2oth:

Theme- Grounding

Throughout Capricorn season, we will learn all about the sister science of yoga- Ayurveda. This knowledge will help you balance your body in a whole new way.

We also will be setting intentions as we come into a new sun cycle.


January 21st - February 19th:

Theme- Awaken

Throughout Aquarius season, learn all about astrology! Learn how we can use astrology as a map for our lives.

We will also celebrate Imbolc, the coming of spring!


February 19th - March 20th:

Theme- Connection

Throughout Pisces season, we are going to connect with our third eye and crown chakras. This will include connecting with spirit guides and tuning into intuitive abilities. 

Pisces season closes out with the Spring Equinox, which brings us to retreat #2!

Retreat #2 | Spring Equinox

March 20-24 2020 | Hawaii

Let's explore the spiritual land of Hawaii! 

This group of women is powerful, fierce,


March 21st - April 19th:

Theme- Passion

Throughout Aries season, we are going to create some massive goals. Spring is in full swing, and it's time to plant seeds and make moves! We will tap into our warrior energy here, focus on communication skills, and make sure our voices are heard!


April 20th - May 21st

Theme- Community

Throughout Taurus season, it's all about community! Create connection by serving others and giving back to your community.  We will also give back to Mother Earth in celebration of Earth Day and Beltane, the peak of Spring.  Through serving the land and community, we will discover personal insights on worthiness.


May 21st - June 20th

Theme- Meditation

Throughout Gemini season, we will tune into the duality that lives within us. The light and dark, the stillness and movement, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, Shiva and Shakti.  Meditation has many different forms, lets get more familiar with them so that we can be well rounded in our abilities to tap in.

Summer Solstice

June 21st: Sacred Solstice Sisterhood Call 



June 21st - July 22nd

Theme- Emotions

Throughout Cancer season, we will naturally tune into our emotions. This is the perfect time to learn more about moon cycles and how this is related to our physical and energetic bodies.  Learn to ebb and flow with the moon in your daily life and practices.

We will also focus on just 'being' and slowing down during the heat of the summer.


July 22nd - August 21st

Theme- Expression

Throughout Leo season, let's tap into the expression of our work! How will you heal the world? What are your gifts and abilities? Let's see you start shining! There will be workshops on etheric touch, breath work, and self expression movement.


August 22nd - September 22nd

Theme- Activate

It's Virgo season, and you have completed the cycle. It's time to anchor in this process that you have undergone. Organize your thoughts, honor your emotions, and carry through with your journey. I will guide you through the closure process and prepare you for the final retreat.

Retreat #3 | Fall Equinox

September 24-27 2020 | Montana

Completion of the wheel. Activation, Invocation. The falling of the leaves.


Hear From the Divine Dive Alumni


Samantha Hopkins

"There are certain people who come into your life and immediately shift everything for the better. Kristen is absolutely one of those people for me. She has been a beacon of light when i get lost in the darkness, a shoulder to stable me when i think i might fall, and a friend to share my laughter and excitement at my peaks. She is so authentic and caring: truly embodying her title of Mama Mermaid. 


Kristen and all the other amazing women i have gotten the privilege to know and love along my journey have become my tribe: a sisterhood, a community. We hold each other accountable, lift one another in love and light and guide each other on this crazy journey to create positive waves of energy in our world. We are women empowered. 

This 1:1 year long program is an incredible opportunity to work with Kristen, the mermaids, and an amazing group of women to challenge you on your spiritual journey to raise your vibration, grow exponentially, develop knowledge in all areas of spirituality as well as relationships and dive deep into yourself and come out higher than you ever thought possible. DID I MENTION THE RETREATS?!!! And it’s honestly so cheap for all you’re getting!"


Nicole Giordano

"I had a vision. 

Since joining the Divine Dive last October I had no idea what was in store for me. 

I wanted to learn, grow, become a better person. I wanted to build new friendships, relationships, community with likeminded individuals. 

It’s been a long, slow start with everything that’s happened in the last few months, but boy oh boy is life starting to turn full circle now. 

I have friendships I can lean on and know these people have my back for a lifetime. 

I can’t control how others view, portray and treat me; but I can become aware and learn to separate from it. 

I want to learn lessons as well as teach them. I want to share with my friends and family what has been shared with me. 

I want to empower and inspire others to live their best life. 

I do believe who you surround yourself with, is one of the greatest gifts in life, true companionship and friendship is everything. 


It’s hard to trust people, to give your love, and to open up, but I’m thankful to have this amazing group of women by my side.

I had a vision; I wanted to share what I have learned, the changes and growth I’ve experienced, the little things that made such huge changes in my life.

Invest in yourself, invest in those who invest in you. 


I am beyond proud of all of us. So many obstacles that we’ve overcome. So much love. So much magic. 

I am blessed, I am worthy, I am loved. I am opening a space where everyone is welcome. 

Come share the love with me. Everyone needs it. 


You never know how much your life can shift and change just by opening your eyes to new experiences and modalities. 


I am so happy I said yes to this program, and although my life has changed dramatically the last few months; I’ve had this group of women to keep me from falling apart 24/7. 

I am forever grateful to you all."

to apply for the next divine dive,

please contact me directly.

To Note:

Price does not include flights or transportation to the retreats.

All sales are final. Due to the nature of the work, refunds are not available.

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