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Lead a life with ritual embedded into your daily routines.

Learn our unique system to lead sacred circle, workshops, retreats & more.

Get certified in Mermaid Movement dance medicine modalities.

Attend an all inclusive retreat to celebrate & integrate.



About The Program

Mermaid Movement Leadership Academy is a 12 week immersion program that starts with you and ripples out into your community. The intention is to take women on a journey of re-membering ancient wisdom, unlearning societal limitations, and co-creating the next wave of feminine leadership. 

MMLA is designed to lay out a foundation that will help incorporate ritual into routine and master the mundane. The journey moves through six phases of 22 online workshops, and ends with a 5 day integration retreat in Southern California.  

Meet Kristen
Mama Mermaid


I am a teacher, birth worker, facilitator, wife, and community leader in Temecula, California. My experience in serving others began with a college major in early intervention and childhood education. I worked with children in preschool settings and special education classrooms as a teenager and young adult, which I feel tapped me into intuitive abilities and non-verbal communication via connection. Through a series of synchronistic events, I was eventually led to a path of spirituality through the undeniable presence of Mother Mary & Magdalene in my life. Throughout my career, I have gained 10,000+ hours of personal experience in running yoga classes, virtual programs, women's and community circles, workshops, retreats, and more.

My work encompasses a large variety of community services for women and families. I am a certified doula, student midwife, certified yoga teacher, initiated reiki practitioner and devotee of Magdalene. My practice is about helping women connect back to their natural rhythms and cycles for self-liberation that ripples through their families and communities.


Sharing our gifts is an innate act of grace. We do not need a manual to create authentic connection. The magic that lives within you is more potent than any method to success could ever be.

This program is designed to support you in remembering that.

We are sharing practical tools, ancient practices and modalities, and lessons from the heart that have helped us build our strong community.


We are not giving you a cookie cutter, step-by-step method, but rather taking you on a journey to remind you of the healer within.

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  • Move through seven phases of learning over 14 weeks: Foundations, Yogic Philosophy, Women's Wellness, Esoterics, Personal Inquiry, Business Building & In-Person Integration.

  • There will be two live group Zoom sessions weekly with Mama Mermaid and/or a guest teacher. (Sessions are recorded for replay. Two 'integration weeks' are written in, for a total of 22 sessions.)

  • Receive a full 100+ page interactive manual with outlines of sessions, resources, visuals, prompts, accountability and more.

  • Gain access to the private "Leadership Academy Roundtable" Facebook group for ongoing support and updates.

  • Learn the unique formula to a Mermaid Movement yoga class, women's circle, or retreat.

  • Enjoy personal projects, weekly yoga practice and integration challenges to complete on your own.

  •  Get certified on our 5 day, 4 night retreat in Southern California with hands on practice and 1:1 branding photos with Tia Esther Creative.

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sign up
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*payment plans available

MMLA 2022 begins August 1st

What's Included:
-22 virtual workshop sessions with trained teachers 
-all inclusive retreat in SoCal - November 3-7 2022
-full interactive manual
-private support group
-mermaid movement certification
- energetic representation photos with Tia Esther

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"After many years of wondering why I had never had my monthly cycle, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). There wasn’t much that doctors told me other than the rapid weight gain I had experienced being a common symptom, and that insulin resistance was a possibility (years later, I found out that applied to me as well). Being seventeen, already exploding in every way possible, I felt a lot of anger. I felt anger towards my body, for not being able to do what she was literally born to do. I felt anger towards myself, for the inability to love and accept my body for who she is. I felt anger towards all of the friends who told me I was “lucky”. I felt anger towards the Universe, for creating me this way. I felt foreign to my own body. Many days I spent researching the common possibility of infertility in women with PCOS, and what that really looks like. A whole lotta FEAR, for lack of better terms. I saw doctor after doctor, explaining my situation to them and essentially being silenced. Looking back, all I really wanted was for one of them to validate my feelings and help me find a SOLUTION, but I never got that.

I made the decision to enter Kristen’s world through the Leadership Academy. Nearly three years into my recovery journey, I knew it was the right time. We spent time discussing seasons and cycles, and often making the connection to a woman’s moon cycle. I felt so disconnected from myself in this way, and ultimately BLOCKED as a result. Months later, I attended the certification retreat in California. This experience moved many mountains for me. The veil was lifted, and I felt present in MY body for the first time. I released so many things that I didn’t even know I was still gripping so tightly. I got out of my comfort zone, on multiple occasions, and opened my heart to all of the love within myself that had been covered up for so long. I danced, I cried, I sang, I laughed, I LOVED. I could go on and on about this experience, but words won’t even do it justice.

Fast forward two-ish weeks post-retreat. I’m back at home, and trying my best to adjust and integrate back into my everyday life. About a week into it, I start feeling horrible. Mentally? I felt cloudy, lost, and so unmotivated. Emotionally? I felt angry, sad, and confused. Physically? I felt drained and uncomfortable- I was ready to punch someone in the face at any given moment. I go to work, and halfway through my 9 hour shift, I realized I had STARTED my cycle. The varying emotions flooded my mind. I was confused, happy, pissed... all at the same time.

Moral of the story... A coincidence? Absolutely not. This is my first time getting a period in over two years (and not induced by a pill). And two short weeks after becoming certified in Mermaid Movement, a program DESIGNED to get you out of your head and into your body? Yall. I’m just gonna leave this here. I am constantly amazed by this work, and the miracles that can occur when living life in accordance with your truth. I made the space for my body to do her thing when I LET GO of all of that shit that is no longer mine to carry."

-Victoria, NOLA


Vivianna, Wild Raven

"So far my count is 17 people introduced to the magic of Mermaid Movement!
I knew I wanted to do Leadership and MM, but had no idea what to expect. I'd say this is a rad outcome!"


Cory, Sage Sanctuary

"Leadership Academy allowed me to step further into my power; my LEADERSHIP.  The course covers a very wide range of topics that help us explore, discover and graciously accept all aspects of self in an open, communicative format.

I cultivated life-long friendships and made memories that will last a lifetime. I am grateful to have found this course."


Jessica, The Healing Garden

"[Retreat] was one of the best weeks of my life!!! I have never felt more empowered. This is only the beginning!

I am so honored and I feel so lucky to have found this amazing group of women."

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