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From Maiden to Mother


What is a doula?

"The doula is calm and collected. She knows how to create a vibration of energy that brings peace to a room. She is loyal, trustworthy, and compassionate. She is wise, intuitive, and educated. She leads you back to your primal instincts.  
The doula can also support the partner in supporting the laboring woman. Doula work is an invitation to support the entire family and deepen their relationship through the birthing process."
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​Physical support from a doula gives the mother or birthing person a feeling of comfort and confidence. (i.e. massage, heat/cold compress, applying pressure, touch)
Emotional support allows the birthing person to feel empowered and gives her strength. (i.e. words of affirmation, meditations, comforting presence)
Informational support allows parents to feel a sense of control and understanding about what is happening. (i.e. breath or positioning techniques, pain management, birth knowledge)
Advocacy allows the family to feel supported in their ability to make decisions. (i.e. supporting birth plans, facilitating communication)
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Meet Kristen

I am a birth worker, reproductive justice advocate, and a doula in birth and transitions throughout life. My experience in serving families began with a college major in early childhood education and intervention. I worked with children in preschool settings and special education classrooms as a teenager and young adult, which helped develop my intuitive and instinctual skills at a young age. Through a series of synchronistic events, I was eventually led to a path of spirituality, body awareness, intuitive healing, community building, social justice, and natural living- which are all aspects that show up in my supporting role as a doula.
I am a 200 hour RYT yoga teacher and Level 2 Reiki practitioner through Cloud Nine yoga schools, and I have taken trainings and gained experience in childbirth work through Birth Arts International, Birthing Advocacy, and other various local providers in my area. 

An All Inclusive Birth Experience- $1100

My birth package is all inclusive - and our work together can begin in preconception up until right before you give birth! 

I provide customizable support to help create a desired birth experience- as defined by the family. I believe all birthing people and partners should have the right to resources and knowledge about birth and the options that are available to them. Please ask about payment plans or sliding scale payments if needed.

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What's Included?

Prenatal Support
I am available to you during regular business hours to answer any questions that come up during your pregnancy. We will have one or two 2-3 hour birth plan meetings during your pregnancy.
Birth Day
On the day of your baby's birth, I provide hands on (or virtual) support for the entire family- based on your desired birth plan and the natural flow of your labor. I'm there with you every step of the way.
Postpartum Visit
I will visit one more time within 1-2 weeks of your baby's birth for a "closing ceremony." This is an energetic adjustment to help you and baby connect on this new plane while healing.


"A huge thank you to my incredible doula who kept me feeling safe throughout my entire birth. Kristen encouraged me, and constantly reminded me how great I was doing, and even captured pictures from her phone." -Sammie

"You were able to ease my pain in ways I didn't know was possible. So grateful for you. Any mama would be so lucky to have your support. I can never thank you enough for your role in our amazing birth." -Jenny

"For real couldn't have done it without you... Thank you babe! Forever grateful for you."


"My wife and I want to personally thank Kristen for being an amazing doula and making this the best experience of our life." -Cody & Ar'es