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unleash the powerful essences within.

"Archetypes are the essence of human patterns of personality that go beyond race, time, age, gender, or culture. They teach us of the elemental patterns of humanity and help us to understand ourselves."

-Kara Maria Ananda

What would it be like to have a connection with the pure essences of being within all women?

How much more powerful could you be if you truly embodied every unique part of you?

How could you make an impact on the world by understanding others on a deeper level?

Picture what this all would look like.

By connecting with the four archetypes of femininity, we can create this reality.  We can build relationships with each aspect of ourselves and live a more balanced lifestyle. 

how it works

Let me take you on an 8 week journey through the archetypes.

Together we will unleash the essences within.

Week One: Meet the Archetypes
Week Two: Maternal Instinct
Week Three: Primal Instinct
Week Four: Survival Instinct
Week Five: Youthful Instinct
Week Six: Communicate with Intention
Week Seven: Chakra connections
Week Eight: Moon Cycles

The first five weeks will be intense relationship building. This pertains to your relationship with self, and every essence of you. We will learn which parts of you that you love and already understand, and also where you might be feeling a little out of touch. We will create balance and harmony within.

The last three weeks will be learning how to use these archetypes to better our daily lives. This is where practical application of what you have learned takes place. We will discuss how you can channel the right archetypes to communicate your message, how these archetypes are related to your physical body, and how we can use this knowledge to make decisions that are in alignment with divine timing.

Also Included. . .

  • Two 60 minute group coaching calls
  • Private VIP Facebook group
  • Forever access to the course content

Meet Your Guide

Kristen is the founder and creator of the Mermaid Movement. Her mission is to guide women to find their own unique magic and deepen their relationship with the divine feminine within.

She is a 200 hour RYT certified yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, and intuitive crystal healer. She is also a level 1 alumni of Gabrielle Bernstein's masterclass.

Kristen uses her own spiritual growth to teach, inspire, and lead other women on the road to a goddess lifestyle that is uniquely their own.

"Magic is my mantra, meditation is my medicine,  and Mother Earth is my healer."

Mermaid Love

"You have opened so many doors for me. It was the missing piece that I needed in order to start loving myself."


"I am addicted to everything and anything that has to do with the Mermaid Movement. Kristen's energy is magical."


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This Course opens for enrollment again May 2018.

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