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MM for Women is dedicated to serving and supporting the women & families of our community through birth, rebirth and the sacred rites of passage in their lives. We strive to flow between ancient wisdom and practical, evidence-based tools to create an environment conducive to wellness and growth.

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Meet Kristen

Founder of MM for Women

Kristen is a passionate mentor for women with 8+ years of experience as a women's support facilitator. Kristen's works reconnects individuals and groups to their natural rhythms and cycles for self-liberation that ripples through their families and communities.

"Working with women allows us to reach the entire family unit, the entire community. Our 'woman-at-the-center' approach allows our mission to ripple throughout households and lineages."

-Robbie Davis Floyd

MM Publication Vol. 00


MM Publication: Inspiration for the Modern Magdalena is a postmodern guide by women, for women. This co-creation is filled with stories, creative ideas and tips that add value to the modern woman’s life. 

The Summer Solstice 2023 publication contains real women’s tried and true recipes, fun interactive activities, and stories about sacred rites of passage- from birth to death, and everything in between.

Community Services

Yoga & Workshops

Weekly all-level yoga classes at

Home Yoga Temecula:

Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

Fridays at 9:30 am 

Monthly MM Experiences:

First Friday of the month

6:30 pm

Herbal Crafting

Herbal remedies have been used to nourish and heal people across all cultures for all recorded time. This is nature's medicine, gifted to us from Mother Earth & Father Sun.  Shop our herbal crafts.

Spiritual Summer Camp

Meet us in the San Diego mountains for our yearly Solstice celebration! This uniquely designed experience will lead you to create deeper connections- with self, with nature, and with community.

June 22-25, 2023

Education & Trainings

Explore women's wellness, birth and various other classes and workshops. While these classes and trainings are sometimes offered in person, access is offered any time on the Mighty Network. Extra 1:1 support is available.

Monthly Mentorship

The monthly mentorship program is an implementation of daily practices to master the mundane and create overall wellness and balance in all areas of life. This is a private 1:1 multi-modality program that is curated to the individual.

Doula Support

Planning an out-of-hospital birth? 

I provide doula support for families birthing outside of the system. I provide customizable support to help create a desired birth experience- as defined by the family. 

Join the MM Network.

The Mighty Network is our place for online support that is accessible to anyone. You'll find blog posts, links to events, free courses and yoga classes, and paid extras that are designed to provide support wherever and whenever you need it.

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Temecula California  |  951-218-0093

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