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Welcome Home Mermaid

I am Kristen, the founder and creator of the Mermaid Movement.  our intention with this movement is to create a community that feels like home. We promote acceptance of all as they are, and also support for healing and growth of individuals and the collective.

We are an ever evolving community- always coming up with new and creative ways to serve. To stay up to date with our current offerings, follow along on our Instagram.

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Mermaid Movement Loft 2018

Temecula CA

Hear From The Mermaids

Kristen has applied her skills and knowledge to support me and guide me towards realizing my authentic self. Like many women my age, before meeting Kristen I was working in an office in an industry I was not necessarily connected to. I have so many dreams of changing lives and I couldn't do that if I had stayed in my comfort zone in that office job. And while Kristen makes me feel comfortable, it's a version of comfort which helps me to be vulnerable in order to understand where I need adjustments in life to bring me closer to my vision. Through my time working with her, I have achieved so much, and I have better understanding and clarity of my future as an entrepreneur. As a woman with vision, Kristen leads other women towards realizing their visions and making them happen.

-Cierra, Wise Roots Birth

I have been working with Kristen for over a year and am in absolute awe over how much the work we have done together has transformed my life. On multiple occasions Kristen has guided me into stepping into my own power, not only through gentle teaching but also through leading and living by example. Her own life lessons that she has used to teach me and her other students have set me up on an unshakable platform that I feel safe and confident building an empire on. I look forward to following Kristen's work for years to come and receiving more from the stream of knowledge that she continues to share with me.

-Zoe, Winged & Rooted

Kristen is everything you would hope a teacher could be. I came to her two years ago stuck. Stuck in my path, stuck in my lack mentality and stuck in every relationship I had. Over the next two years she has become my mentor, spiritual teacher, and closest friend. She put everything into healing me, clearing my blocks, and leading me into my highest self. Now i can proudly say that I have started my own spiritual business so I can guide and free people the way she freed me. I do not know where I would be without Kristen.

-Taylor, Blissful Babes

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