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I am Kristen, the founder and creator of the Mermaid Movement.  our intention with this movement is to create a community that feels like home. We promote acceptance of all as they are, and also support for healing and growth of individuals and the collective.

We are an ever evolving community- always coming up with new and creative ways to serve. To stay up to date with our current offerings, follow along on our Instagram.

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About The Crew



Aaron (aka The Viking) is Kristen's husband, adventure partner, and the co-founder of the Mermaid Movement. The two met in Temecula in 2013 and have experienced the life transformation that led to this movement together. He plays many roles to keep our community running smoothly! He prides himself on being the 'invisible facilitator' at many events, making sure all of the smallest details are tended to. You might find him setting up, making meals, making friends, or even teaching in some cases!
Aaron is a trained martial arts instructor, a 200 hour RYT yoga teacher, and a mindset coach. The duo has also started working with couples on relationship and intimacy coaching on retreats and mentorship programs.

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Community Support

As a birth doula and feminine wellness mentor, Cierra is dedicated to bringing love to those she serves in order to help them reach self-actualization. Using herbal teas, her knowledge of Earth sciences, and her intuitive abilities, comingled with her interests in yoga, meditation, and ancestral healing, she assists and supports the community of those who seek Mermaid Movement. Her involvement with the Movement began as a way for her to build up her own wellbeing and as years progressed, she began to be a bigger part in the Movement in order to bring healing to others. She now serves at all of the retreats & hosts her own events to serve the community in any

capacity she feels called.

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Lead Photographer

Tia is our event photographer and professional space-holder for every human who enters her space. Whether you need it or not- she is there. Her job goes beyond being “just the photographer” as she so often refers to herself. Capturing us in our most raw moment of relief and despair. Never for the sake of vanity, always for the sake of growth.

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Kitchen Queen

As a self love enthusiast and die hard foodie, Alicia is passionate about creating healthy meals that nourish your mind, body and spirit. Having suffered from eating disorders, body dysmorphia and an autoimmune digestive disorder she knew she had to learn to rewrite her relationship with food. By using intuitive eating and following the seasons she believes food is an important part of self love/care and the healing process not only physically but spiritually. Alicia is dedicated to sharing this knowledge with her community. 

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Mermaid Movement

Retreat Experiences

Curious what our events might look like? Check out our retreat experiences video below from 2018!

Hear From The Mermaids

Zoe, Winged & Rooted

I have been working with Kristen for over a year and am in absolute awe over how much the work we have done together has transformed my life. On multiple occasions Kristen has guided me into stepping into my own power, not only through gentle teaching but also through leading and living by example. Her own life lessons that she has used to teach me and her other students have set me up on an unshakable platform that I feel safe and confident building an empire on. I look forward to following Kristen's work for years to come and receiving more from the stream of knowledge that she continues to share with me.

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Heather, I Love Me Yoga

Kristen always helps me to ground, refocus, and gain clarity. She also reminds me of my potential and greatness- which she often does saying very little some days, which blows me away. She holds space for me and others so beautifully. I've worked with Kristen through her programs, 1:1, and attending retreats. She teaches us to trust the nudge, and through her example of following her inner guidance, gives me permission to do the same. I just want to give her all of my money and work with her year round but now is my time to implement all she has taught me. I am so grateful our souls connected and can't wait to work with her again very soon.

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Cory, Sage Sanctuary

Kristen has shown me a path that I didn't think existed. A path that I never knew I deserved. A path to my dreams. And it was within me the whole time. She made me believe in myself. She helped me pick up my pieces and make me whole. She is a true guide, and facilitator of change. 
I wouldn't be where I am today unless I invested in myself by signing up for her year long program, the Divine Dive. I didnt know it at the time (I didn't even know it until months after) what a profoundly changing experience it was. Here I am, only  6 months later, getting out of a career I'm not passionate about, and opening my own wellness (and yoga) center. Kristen made me realize that I CAN do absolutely anything in life. And here I am, actually making my dreams come true!!

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