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Our intention with this movement is to create a community that feels like home. We promote acceptance of all as they are, and also support for healing and growth of individuals and the collective.
We are an ever evolving community- always coming up with new and creative ways to serve.

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Mama Mermaid

AKA Kristen - is a transformation facilitator, doula, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. Her experience in serving others began with a college major in early intervention and childhood education. Kristen worked with children in preschool settings and special education classrooms as a teenager and young adult, which helped her develop her natural teaching skills at a young age. Through a series of synchronistic events, she was eventually led to a path of spirituality, body awareness, intuitive healing, business coaching, yoga, doula work, and more. She has led over 15 retreats across the US (and one in Tahiti!), served hundreds of women from all over the world, and created the pathway to her vision of massive world healing through community, compassion, and ancient healing modalities.

Kristen is a 200 hour RYT yoga teacher with over 1000 hours of teaching experience. She has taken multiple trainings and courses to enhance her studies and work throughout her career.


-Doula Training: Birth Arts International

-Full Spectrum Doula Training & Childbirth Education: Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings

-200 hour RYT & Reiki training I and II: Cloud Nine Yoga schools 


From Maiden to Mother

I provide customizable support for expecting families- from doula work, to prenatal yoga and childbirth education.

Retreat Experiences

Opportunities to completely reset the physical and energetic bodies to facilitate rapid transformation.

Leadership Academy

Create pathways to success to honor your individual dharma on this planet.

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Zoe, Winged & Rooted

I have been working with Kristen for over a year and am in absolute awe over how much the work we have done together has transformed my life. On multiple occasions Kristen has guided me into stepping into my own power, not only through gentle teaching but also through leading and living by example. Her own life lessons that she has used to teach me and her other students have set me up on an unshakable platform that I feel safe and confident building an empire on. I look forward to following Kristen's work for years to come and receiving more from the stream of knowledge that she continues to share with me.

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Heather, I Love Me Yoga

Kristen always helps me to ground, refocus, and gain clarity. She also reminds me of my potential and greatness- which she often does saying very little some days, which blows me away. She holds space for me and others so beautifully. I've worked with Kristen through her programs, 1:1, and attending retreats. She teaches us to trust the nudge, and through her example of following her inner guidance, gives me permission to do the same. I just want to give her all of my money and work with her year round but now is my time to implement all she has taught me. I am so grateful our souls connected and can't wait to work with her again very soon.

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Cory, Sage Sanctuary

Kristen has shown me a path that I didn't think existed. A path that I never knew I deserved. A path to my dreams. And it was within me the whole time. She made me believe in myself. She helped me pick up my pieces and make me whole. She is a true guide, and facilitator of change. 
I wouldn't be where I am today unless I invested in myself by signing up for her year long program, the Divine Dive. I didnt know it at the time (I didn't even know it until months after) what a profoundly changing experience it was. Here I am, only  6 months later, getting out of a career I'm not passionate about, and opening my own wellness (and yoga) center. Kristen made me realize that I CAN do absolutely anything in life. And here I am, actually making my dreams come true!!

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